The DARK WORLD Chronicles

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Antonio Tonyboy Garrett

Antonio A. Garrett was born in 1969, the year that changed everything for gays
and lesbians in the United States. One of the most poignant events taking place
that year was the brutal attack on and rebellion of gay people in New York City
at the Stonewall Inn. This single event sparked the flame that would inevitably
fuel Antonio’s wicked imagination throughout his life.

Antonio has never been “in the closet.” He was an active member of Gay Lesbian
Youth New York (GLYNY) since 1987, and in the early 1990’s, was one of the first
African-American premier go-go dancers for the gay club scene working
side-by-side with infamous promoter Marc Berkley. He was also a pioneer out
gay dancer/choreographer on MTV’s dance show “The Grind from 1992-1996.” In
the 1990’s, while working at Palladium, Limelight, Club U.S.A, Jackie60 and
many, many more, he was also parlaying on
several television shows, Antonio always dreamed about creating a graphic novel
that would reflect his homoerotic artistic interpretations and Love/Pride of being
a member of the gay community.” Bridges,” the concept that first originated in
1982, would eventually become “The DARK WORLD Chronicle,” a unique,
original, bold and unapologetic graphic novel that Antonio devoted his skills and
intense imagination to producing after graduating college in 2009.

Several other of Antonio's short stories and artistic renderings, published under
the pseudonym “Tonyboy69,” have appeared in Instigator magazine issue #11,
In Uniform issue #13, Honcho, Torso, Inches, Flesh 4 Men/Summer 2005, Viva
Voce-The Literary Art Showcase/1986, Dirt
magazine and VICE magazine.

Antonio currently resides in the East Village, near the park where a homeless
Jean Michel Basquiat once lived and in the neighborhood where a young
Madonna once called home. Having had the opportunity to work with the late, great
graffiti artist Keith Haring, an experience he took without
hesitation, Antonio brings his extraordinary life experiences, flare for the
dramatic, and love of the unpredictable to his art and literature.


Appreciate you VIEWING!
Each time I return from STAPLES with my newly bound, printed and READY!!!! to ship (my book to customers), I feel like a PROUD PAPA!!!! @ this stage in my journey, I have given birth to this graphic novel "concept" which has plagued my brain for years. Now it's being delivered to an audience and my expectations couldn't be more for-filling.

My books are my mini-me version of the blood, sweat & tears I've sacrified to bring this project to fruition, I'm grateful and blessed to have an opportunity to share it with people who patronage my website. NICE, Knowing DREAMS do come TRUE!!!!

In the photo attached to this post; I told an interviewer @ HX magazine in 1993, In 5 years I wanted to be a successful illustrator and model and give back to the gay community. (took 14 years but I did one of them).

Origin of my Pseudonym; TONYBOY69

When I first started to draw my pictures I was about 3 years old. Growing-up as an only child, I found myself always attracted to other kids with larger family structures than my own. Eventually over the course of time, Either the friendship would desolve or I would just attach myself to a bigger band of nomad freaks looming around my surroundings. When relationships deteriorated among my so-called piers, I became a recluse an elusive introvert, keeping to myself in my bedroom a lot and just spending countless hours and days just drawing pictures and communicating with my pencils (like they were my TRUE FRIENDS)… Art has never once deceived me, manipulated me, spread vicious, hateful, derogatory slangs at me & it has NEVER left me. I recently graduated from college and I’m in my fabulous 44 year of life and this journey continues to be enriched by my constant companion, ART.

Every time I write or hear someone call me “TONYBOY” I’m immediately transported back to my childhood bedroom, on the floor, drawing wild images purely from my imagination. In my heart I will forever be that budding artist always trying to push boundaries through my artistic vision.

TONYBOY69 represents the year the artist was conceived.
I'm also a huge fan of the group-Culture Club & Boy George, Just another way to express my devotion to their musical contribution to my life and art.

Antonio Tonyboy Garrett
on the cover & in some magazines

HX/HomoXtra magazine in (1994)

GENRE magazine in (1993)

New York Post newspaper article in (1994)

Next magazine in (1994)


float in (1993)

Antonio Tonyboy Garrett

THANK YOU for your time & consideration.

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