The DARK WORLD Chronicles

Chapter One


The time is NOW!
The place is HERE!

Life always seems to be particularly more romanticized in hence sight.

Every single aspect becomes less microscopic and more rationalized with the passing of time.

However, You’re about to meet a man who has chosen to examine his existence with the much-needed assistance of his split personality. Outwardly, He appears to be a contributing member of society functioning with no obvious discomfort. Subconsciously in his completely made-up fantasy realm, which only manifests itself while he is sleeping…affording him the antonym to metamorphe into a persona of his choosing. Thackery ceases to exist and TONYBOY69 emerges as the replacement.

Please to present for your consideration…Mr. Thackery J. Warner.

Mr. Warner has decided to start writing a series of journals for his own clarity & sanity. Each journal introduction is written to whom it may concern, with the clear understanding no one may ever get an opportunity to read them. Sometimes Mr. Warner has trouble distinguishing the lines between reality and fantasy, which seem to get quite blurred on occasion. Keeping these detailed accounts of his life will maybe HELP him uncover his TRUE IDENTITY?

Until such epiphany arises within Mr. Warner he will maintain a modicum of dignity.

All the writing derives from the every day life of Thackery Warner and all of the drawings are crafted from his imaginary creation known as Tonyboy. The persona he has adapted also is a
pseudonym conjured up in a dream he had one night, the very same night Thackery witnessed his initiation into another dimension called

These are the trials & tribulations they face together while inhabiting one body …

Chapter One (10 books in series)-Written in (prose style)

The DARK WORLD Chronicles is a serial graphic comic book set in 10 installments (book 1-10) will be the equivalent of the first Chapter. Each comic book is shipped in a large bubble envelope, All orders will be shipped upon payment confirmation. Each book is $20.00 with $6.50 shipping and handling fees (nationwide & internationally). If you purchase the entire first Chapter (all 10 books) the total will be $200.00 plus shipping & handling fees.(with a 15% savings).8-10 business days for DELIVERY//May take longer for shipping outside the United States (varies with destination).-Each book is made to order, 8-10 days is for production & processing for shipment.

The images (BELOW) are of the actual book after it's published with a semi-soft black back boarder and bounded with binding adhesive. The pages are slightly heavy in weight (thick) and the text is written in a verdana font print. There is also a thin/sheer cover on the book. Each book contains 10 original pieces of art work, all done by the artist Tonyboy or Tonyboy69. Some of the artwork is mixed mediums: ink, markers, graphite and color-pencil renderings.

The text in the story is being told by three different entities; Thackery Warner's subconsciousness (his inner voice) and The NARRATOR...Guiding the reader on a path of salvation, redemption, lust and desire. The third character is Thackery Warner, himself. The ageless enigma writing sometimes daily and weekly in a series of journals about growing-up in the sexually liberating 1970's, The decade of excess and debauchery the 1980's, The smothering of creativity in the 1990's and the birth of technology after the Millenium.
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